eCommerce Solutions

Nowadays, almost everything from commodity items, such as groceries and books, up to high-ticket items, such as cars and boats, are being sold and exchanged online. And, there is no end in sight for the future of eCommerce.

An Open Source-based eCommerce platform can give your organization the flexibility, the functionality and reliability to cost-effectively and efficiently support your organization’s online commerce presence, and help keep you at the forefront of eCommerce for years to come.

Open Source eCommerce solutions allow organizations to add robust electronic shopping, payment and marketing tools and functionality easily to online stores, websites and portals. Many retailers, from small, “mom-and-pop” shops to mainstream retail brands such as Nike, Maui Jim, The North Face, OfficeMax and Oneida use Open Source eCommerce platforms.

OpenSutra can design, customize, develop and deploy powerful, end-to-end eCommerce solution will help elevate your brand and convert more shoppers into buyers for your organization. Thus helping boost your revenues significantly and reducing overhead cost of managing physical store locations.

OpenSutra’s solutions are built on real-world tested Open Source eCommerce tools, such as Magento, OpenCart, OSCOmmerce and Virtuemart, and feature a number of key features and functions, including:

  • Numerous payment options, including a variety of credit and debit cards;
  • International currency support;
  • Order and shipping management options;
  • Product catalogue/marketing collateral management and display; and
  • Advanced sales analytics, reporting and dashboards.

Open Sutra solutions can be deployed in your organization’s secure technology environment or hosted in OpenSutra’s readily available, highly secure environment for a nominal fee.