Customer Relationship Management

When it comes to your business, your customers are king and your number one priority. Managing all of the touch-points with your customers in an organized way through the use of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system will help lead to more personalized, productive and meaningful customer relationships and interactions that will have a positive impact on your long-term bottom-line.

An Open Source CRM solution will help to optimize information sharing and streamline processes across an organization’s departments and functions, such as the management team, product development/management, sales and marketing, accounts payable/receivable and customer service and support.

World class organizations, such as Coca-Cola, Sherman-Williams, Men’s Wearhouse and VTech, leverage CRM systems based on Open Source architecture to build, enhance and grow business-critical customer relationships across their product portfolios.

OpenSutra has the expertise to create customized Open Source CRM solutions that will take your customer interactions and relationships to a new level. Its solutions are developed and designed using the latest open source CRM tools, including SugarCRM generic cialis online.

OpenSutra can help implement an end-to-end customized open source CRM solution delivering a number of advantages to enterprises of all sizes, including:

  • Enhanced sales force automation;
  • Enhanced marketing lead generation;
  • Improved customer support and satisfaction;
  • Comprehensive project and activity management;
  • Integrated email and workflow integration across your enterprise; and
  • Robust metrics monitoring and reporting functionality.