Content Management Solutions

Today, the effective management of your business content is critical for the success of your organization. Through the use of a Content Management System (CMS) based on Open Source technology, you will be able to significantly increase the value and usability of your data and information across your enterprise.

An Open Source-based CMS allows organization of all sizes, not just publish content, but securely manage and improve workflows in a collaborative environment from a central interface. In fact, the White House and other government organizations heavily use CMS platforms using Open Source technology to securely deliver and share information with various internal and external consistencies.

In addition, Open Source technology gives designers and developers greater flexibility in customizing the look, feel and functionality of an organization’s CMS.

OpenSutra can help your organization design, customize, develop, implement and manage a CMS using Open Source technologies that optimizes your data use and integrity. OpenSutra can deliver the following benefits to your organization by customizing and implementing a CMS:

  • Deliver a cost-effective alternative to “pre-packaged” or “off-the-shelf” CMS packages;
  • Customized user interface and theming to reflect your organization’s branding, style and usability guidelines; kamagra gel online
  • Greater control of the treasure-troves of information, data and resources with your organization;
  • Deployment of role-based functionality;
  • Scalable to meet current and future business needs;
  • Access control protocols such as LDAP and OpenID, and Open APIs, including Google APIs;
  • Integration with an enterprise’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), eCommerce and Workflow systems;
  • Optimization of business processes.

OpenSutra has extensive experience using a variety of Open Source technologies to design and implement CMS-based platforms for clients, including the deployment of market leading CMS packages and tools such as Drupal and Joomla. For more information, check out OpenSutra’s technology coverage here.