The Importance of Quality, Corporate Content in the World of Tweets and IM

The Importance of Quality, Corporate Content in the World of Tweets and IM

In today’s world of immediate communications, quality corporate writing sometimes takes a backseat to an alphabet soup of 140-word tweets, text messages, and IMs.

However, if you want your organization to be seen as a professional and well-respected industry player that consumers and businesses turn to for results, quality writing and content can be your tipping point to better working partnerships and more profits.

When it comes to content for marketing collateral, corporate websites, and executive or employee communications, among other materials, your company’s writing style and voice is a reflection of your organization, your values, your dedication, and your commitment to your customers and clients. To deliver the right amount and type of information to readers so they better understand and trust your company and the value you can offer to the marketplace, your organization’s writing needs to be engaging, compelling and concise.

For example, which of these companies would you rather work for or with:

Disposal, Inc., makes plastic bags and containers for removing your garbage http://pharm....llin/.


Disposal, Inc., is an innovative and cost-effective provider of environmentally conscious waste management services for residential and commercial customers.

The same companies are being described in both cases, but the second description presents a company that knows exactly who they are and want to be, while setting themselves apart from their competition in the market.

In addition, with more and more consumers beginning their research for goods and services online, it is critical that your online content and copy is of the highest quality and is search engine optimized (SEO), if you want to be noticed at all in today’s marketplace. SEO-rich copy uses specific key words and phrases from your business, market, and industry that grab the attention of readers and search engines, placing your organization near the top of any search results.

The use of a professional corporate writer, whether in-house or through an outside vendor, can help to significantly raise the level of your corporate content, and elevate the perception of your company with existing and prospective customers, leading to more long-term partnerships and profits.

Posted by Mike DeMeo