Sutra Talk

The Importance of Quality, Corporate Content in the World of Tweets and IM

In today’s world of immediate communications, quality corporate writing sometimes takes a backseat to an alphabet soup of 140-word tweets, text messages, and IMs.

However, if you want your organization to be seen as a professional and well-respected industry player that consumers and businesses turn to for results, quality writing and content can be your tipping point to better working partnerships and more profits.

Agile Approach: The Sutra Way

When building a house, for example, carpenters usually follow the mantra “measure twice, cut once” to ensure a piece of wood fits correctly based on a building plan. Application Developers take a similar approach, carefully measuring and testing each piece of an application’s framework and code before moving onto the next piece or segment of the software build.

This approach, known as agile development, ensures that applications are being created as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, and are directly meeting the needs and requirements of the end user organization.