The Values of OpenSutra

As a company, we are committed to developing and deploying quality open source solutions that benefit and deliver a true return-on-investment for organizations and users across a broad range of industries, markets and locations.

Our company’s name and logo reflect the values of and our commitment to open source technologies and solutions, as well as our dedication to our clients and the success of their businesses.

In many cultures, the word “Sutra,” or forms of the word, are defined as a collection or thread of proven values, rules and formulas tied together to give direction and meaning to one’s life or journey. In our case, the words “OpenSutra” demonstrate how we use proven open source technologies, innovation and principles to guide and direct our work for our valued clients.

Our company also uses key colors that represent and support our values and mission of delivering world class, cost-effective open source solutions to our clients. The symmetrical red, orange, and green stripes, or “S”s, in our logo illustrate the thread, or Sutra, of values, including energy, strength, creativity and power, that runs throughout our entire OpenSutra team, while the blue “O” that transects and surrounds the stripes depicts the depth and stability of open source technology and solutions.

Over the years, OpenSutra has gained the hands-on expertise to confidently and professionally serve your organization today, and support your company’s growth for years to come.